Abundance Fundraising Counsel provides services to a wide variety of non-profits with an emphasis on helping small to medium sized organizations achieve their fundraising potential by moving from a core culture of “scarcity” to one of “abundance”.

We believe that non-profit organizations are the principle agents of change in our society, performing work worthy of support and deserving of investment.   Abundance has the experience and knowledge to help your resource-stretched organization attract the support it deserves.

Abundance is an independent consultancy that strives to meet the specific and unique requirements of its clients.  Abundance is not aligned with any particular fundraising product or methodology, rather works to design solutions that are sustainable within the limited resources available to most non-profit organizations.

Abundance helps your organization to put the right building blocks in place in order to create a solid base for support.  This process can be compared to gardening wherein we can show you how to design your garden, prepare the soil, choose the best seeds and to sow them with care in cultivated ground.  And we teach you how to pollinate, weed and fertilize so that you reap a bountiful harvest.  We also ensure that you know how best to respond when donors blossom and offer you their fruit in abundance.