How much time do we spend listening to our donors?  Do you really know what their opinions are about the way you provide your services, manage your affairs or treat them?  If your Development staff is really focused on your donors, they will be speaking with donors daily and are in a good position to provide excellent feedback about what is of concern to most of your supporters.

But if your fundraising staff is busy with other things and you have a new campaign to launch or some organizational changes to make, Abundance can professionally and respectfully survey your constituents by telephone to learn what they are really thinking and feeling about your organization.

Abundance donor surveys are designed and implemented in a qualitative, conversational style with many open-ended questions.  Conducted by professional fundraisers (as opposed to commissioned or hourly paid telephone callers) an Abundance survey is first and foremost a donor cultivation tool.  Participating respondents will feel included, valued and heard through the survey process.   Abundance does not rush the subject to complete the survey nor do we avoid lending an ear to a donor’s concerns or ideas for change.

These surveys are designed to “break through the clutter” of your organization’s ideas about any number of topics.  When a survey of this nature is conducted by outside counsel, participants are guaranteed anonymity in their responses and therefore are more likely to provide candid answers.  Questions are posed in the most neutral, yet positive manner possible.  Surprises abound – planned gifts are uncovered, donors qualified for larger gifts, pledge reminders made, donors educated about specific needs and programs and their opinions are collected and reported back.

An Abundance Donor Survey can be used to restart conversations after an unintentional hiatus.  Perhaps you haven’t really spoken to your donors following your capital campaign.  Maybe there has been a gap in fundraising staffing and donors have been ignored.   Possibly a segment of donors have stopped their contributions and you have no idea why the sudden drop in support.   Abundance can help re-establish communications and provide you with the data you need to proceed.

A telephone survey of this nature is most effective preceded by a written letter to all potential respondents explaining the process and underscoring the importance of their participation.  Special donors can be singled out for face to face visits where requested.

Please contact us to discuss your constituent survey needs.