Case Statements

Why is it that different people within an organization can give so many contradictory responses to questions posed by potential funders and donors?  And how is that some staff and board members have a difficult time describing what your organization does and the positive impact it has. Usually, this situation demonstrates a simple lack of a formal Case For Support.

Fundraising is all about how well we tell our own stories and if we expect to be successful, we should be telling a consistent story about why we need to raise money, how much we need to raise and what our current priorities are.

A case statement is a document (electronic presentation or printed brochure) that provides a consistent language and response to donors’ questions.  The short version is your “elevator speech”; the long version is your formal presentation to donors.  It explains, with passion, why you exist and why what you do is important.  It is a bold statement of uniqueness and impact.  It forms the basis for all your fundraising requests.

Abundance Fundraising can help your organization to create an effective case statement and support materials that will assist in ensuring your success.  We will gather and analyze all your publications, synthesize them into major points, interview your key leaders and donors to uncover the most powerful language to describe your mission and vision and create a draft statement in adaptable components to meet the requirements of every type of donor.  Abundance will work with you to create materials that are effective and unforgettable to donors.

And More…

Abundance offers excellence in writing, presentation making and graphic imaging for your website, newsletters, brochures, grant proposals, annual reports, recognition materials and direct mail.  We are happy to provide your organization with experienced specialists in graphic design, printing, mailing and grant writing, when required.